Patient Friendly Dentistry 
for the Whole Family
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      Prevention and Whitening
Prevention of disease is important to us. All adult cleanings and periodontal maintenance are performed by one of the dentists. This ensures maximum doctor-patient contact and continuity of care. For patients who desire whiter teeth, we offer a dentist supervised whitening system with custom molded whitening trays to comfortably fit each patient's individual mouth.
     Fillings, Crowns, Implant Restorations, Bridges
We are able to offer our patients the most beneficial and time tested materials and techniques available to modern dentistry. At our office, the patient and doctor together decide on the best materials and procedures available to restore their particular mouths to excellent oral health. This includes implants, crowns, bridges, tooth colored (composite) fillings, and even silver (amalgam) fillings should that be right for you. Many dentists, today, no longer offer gold crowns because of the their high overhead cost and supposed lack of esthetics. We believe that if the esthetics of gold can be accepted, these are still the longest lasting replacements for missing tooth structure. If having a "metal free" mouth is desired, we happily provide gorgeous tooth looking restorations for the entire mouth as well.
      Dentures, Oral Surgery, Root Canals
Limited oral surgery and root canal procedures are performed in our office. We want our patients to have the best care available, so we have a team of specialitsts we call upon to give our patients expert care when needed. We fabricate and repair complete and partial dentures utilizing well over forty years of experience.